An Australian fintech company that distinguishes itself from its competitors through innovation.

CTCWTF (Cashless Tap Card | We Transfer | Funds) specializes in providing a cashless tap card that allows users to quickly and easily transfer funds, CTCADI (Advanced Digital Intelligence) focuses on using advanced digital intelligence to enhance transactions.

Both solutions are designed to provide users with greater control and privacy when it comes to managing their financial transactions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, both platforms offer a more secure, efficient way to move money without the need for intermediaries or banks.

With CTCWTF and CTCADI, users can enjoy greater convenience and flexibility when managing their finances, while also benefiting from increased security and privacy protections. Whether you're looking to make a one-time transaction or set up recurring payments, these solutions offer a reliable and trustworthy way to move money both domestically and internationally.

Level 1 Member

Learning to reclaim my privacy and security is the priority.

Level 2 Member

Additional layers of controlling my digital footprint are important.

Level 3 Member

Freedom to "be", without constant monitoring of my financial affairs.

Merchant Partners

Merchant account services to accept credit / debit cards in person and online.

CTC Platform

1. CTC products or services: Customers looking for the best quality products or services that meet their needs and expectations.

2. Great customer service: Our company has an excellent customer service department, to provide customers with support and timely responses to their concerns.

3. Competitive pricing: CTC Customers who want to get the best value for their money, as competitive pricing is an essential factor.

4. Strong reputation: CTC's good reputation in the market, installs' trust and confidence for our customers.

5. Loyalty programs: CTC offers loyalty programs and rewards to its customers.

6. Access to exclusive deals and promotions: Benefits from exclusive deals and promotions that are only available to members of the CTC Platform.

7. Convenient and easy-to-use website or app: Customers prefer a website or app that is easy to navigate, has clear instructions, and is user-friendly.

Overall, CTC customers join our company that meets their needs, offers them value for their money, and has a strong reputation in the market.

1. CTC Protects sensitive customer information: When a merchant uses a secure processing platform such as CTC, their customers' payment information and personal data are protected from potential hackers or data breaches. This helps to build trust with customers and can lead to increased sales and loyalty.

2. Reduces fraud risk: CTC processing platform is secure and uses advanced fraud detection and prevention tools to flag potentially fraudulent transactions, reducing the risk of chargebacks and other losses.

3. Compliance with industry standards: Many industries have specific regulations and compliance standards that merchants must follow when handling sensitive customer information. CTC's platform has built-in compliance features to ensure that merchants are meeting these standards.

4. Faster payment processing: Secure processing payments quickly and accurately, reducing the time it takes for merchants to receive payment for their products and services.

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How many people in Australia have Credit Cards?

13M as of (JAN 2023) 51%
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