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Cashless Tap Card | We Transfer Funds

Australia’s Leading FINTECH Company!

CTCWTF (Cashless Tap Card | We Transfer | Funds) and CTCADI (Advanced Digital Intelligence) aim to provide a more operational way to initiate and execute transactions with FIAT and Cryptocurrencies, without giving up control or privacy.

While CTC specializes in mobile encryption of debit and credit cards in mobile devices (to prevent bank card fraud), the organization also aims to develop a multi-platform decentralized ‘Devices’, that would allow users to engage in peer-2-peer encrypted transactions.

CTC ADI (Advanced Digital Intelligence) primary objective, is to eliminate cryptocurrency fraud by providing a safe and easily accessible decentralized Hard Wallet.


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Security | Privacy | You

Since the creation of the internet, the internet has served as the ecosystem for most financial transactions.

As these transactions/exchanges are made, information is kept on the internet. Programmers and cybercriminals obtain this data and use it to engage in fraudulent transactions and participate in deceitful exchanges.

CTC builds a payment ecosystem that keeps consumers and service providers safe from the inadequacies of the internet protocol.


CTC International Services Pty Ltd.

The United States of America

CTC International Services Corp.


CTC Advance Digital Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

CTC Hard Wallet

CTCWTF (BEP20 / ETH) | Cryptocurrency Wallet

Vault Grade Protection

Embedded with military-grade Security Element (SE) to safeguard your private key and device PIN code from any attack.