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Daniel Manu

Daniel is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in Business and International Markets.

His educational background in accounting has aided his engagement in a wide variety of businesses.

Being a former international rugby player who has represented New Zealand in the junior age groups and the Australia Rugby Union team – the “Wallabies.”.

Currently, the CEO of CTC International Services. At this moment in time, this new software company has no competitors and is a trailblazer in the credit card encryption industry.

Daniel is expanding the services that CTC International Services can offer and currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

Chief Executive Officer

Stavroula Karmaniolos

Stavroula is one of the Directors at CTC.WTF.

With her strong business acumen, she brings into the
company years of experience in strategy, finance, and marketing techniques.

Stavroula has proven abilities to negotiate complex private, and commercial contracts and military procurement. In addition, she has unique business development skills, discovering new technology and implementing this into current and future projects.

Having a comprehensive network throughout Europe and Asia for various commodity trading companies and refineries. Her ability to create, nurture and develop business in emerging markets has helped her contribute to the ongoing projects in the tech market.


Michael Butterworth

Michael is a seasoned investment and international trade professional with over ten years of
experience in alternative investing, offshore banking, and extensive international trade links in
Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia.

Working with investment banking specialists, fund managers, real estate professionals,
humanitarian and regeneration agencies, he has developed a strong focus on the Fintech

He has developed an international network emphasizing oil, gas, and mineral industry
financing and alternative investment and Fintech arenas while developing relationships with
professional collaborative partners within the global emerging market.

Michael is exceptionally excellent at sourcing emerging markets and providing alternative development and investment opportunities on behalf of private clients.


Aamer Beg Humayun

Aamer is an ex-military officer with over 25 years of experience managing security, anti-terrorism operations, incidents, training, emergency response, workplace business continuity
strategies, customer & stakeholder relations in multicultural and complex environments.

He has extensive experience working with various multinational organizations all over the globe
by successfully managing and ensuring regulatory requirements, risk management &
compliance for various organizations.

Aside from his leadership skills, he is passionate about customer service, and he is capable of building strong relations and rapport with stakeholders.

Chief Operating Officer

Ali Mehboob

Ali is a talented business professional with extensive knowledge in accounting and finance. He
is a decisive leader whose proven integrity has helped to build a strong team and whose
versatility has produced successful projects, initiatives or and various work functions.

As a business leader, he has established a track record of achieving solid results while
implementing corporate strategies, including an entry into new markets.

Moreover, his ability to combine his skills uniquely has greatly benefitted CTC. No doubt, his expertise in business restructuring, delivery of sustainable productivity, revenue programs, and disciplined financial management will be an essential contributor in facilitating the growth of CTC towards evolving customers and investors.

Chief Finance Officer

Aidan Kelleher

Having worked with investment giants like Rothschild, Merill Lynch, and UBS, Aidan brings
a wealth of knowledge to CTC.

His exposure to the wealth management and private banking world also significantly understood Local and International Markets. In addition, it brought him extensive knowledge of strategies in the equity, fixed income, currency, and commodities markets.

Chief Investment Officer