Special Purpose Vehicle

Thank you for contacting Mike Butterworth Esq., Director of CTC International Services.

Herewith are a few projects open for immediate funding, with excellent Joint Profit Sharing.


  1. Our family in Tonga already has 9 fishing vessels, that are certified for Sushi / Fresh Ice Packaging onboard, with immediate shipping via airfrieght to Japan etc.
  2. We also supply various fresh seafood to Australia, New Zealand and Japan etc.
  3. At present, we hold an extra license (PAID IN FULL) for USD 100,000.00 per year and this is currently available to use.
  4. Require USD 250,000.00 to USD 520,000.00 to acquire several fishing vessels and anxcillary items related to this business.
  5. Estimate turnover per year for the 1 license is approx. USD USD 180,000.00 to USD 270,000.00+ per 6-8 months. Also, subject to conditions throughout the year.


  1. I am 51% share holder and control this Under Water Mining License in the Kingdom of Tonga.
  2. Our company is registered as Island Dredging Limited and only a hand full is available in the country.
  3. We already have good relations with the Asian Development Bank and a revolving line of credit of USD 800,000.00, but we need to expand operations and explore areas we know has for example: 73-85 grams per metric ton of sand. That is extremely high.
  4. This does not include the diamonds, quartz and other precious metals and minerals we have access to via the dredging.
  5. Operations cost would be USD 3 Million to USD 5 Million.
  6. Estimated return in 12 Months would be USD 10 Million to 13 Millions per year.
  7. This does not inlcude access to Oil dredging we are able to organize as well Joint Profit Sharing can be discussed.


  1. https://ctc.wtf is already established as FinTech specialising in Encryption for Debit/Credit Cards since 2019.
  2. CTC.WTF holds approval from the Idependant Liquor and Gaming (New South Wales) https://www.liquorandgaming.nsw.gov.au/independent-liquor-and-gaming-authority to implement Payment solutions in a gaming environment.
  3. CTC.WTF can also issue out MCC 7995 category Gaming Merchant Accounts.
  4. Taking all this into one project, the business expanded into the Crypto filed, whereby our personal relationship with SecuX Technologies (Taiwan), as our Crypto Hard Wallet supplier, but also they have assisted us with our own Ecosystem, we are building and our own proprietary model.
  5. There is a lot to cover in this section, as our whitepaper showed, we also have our OEM Mobile Phone project under development.
  6. This has various entry levels with tiered level Returns on the investment. It can be short, medium or long term.
  7. Minimum would be USD 300,000.00 upto USD 2 Million.
  8. Joint Profit Sharing can be discussed, but as this is a real time ongoing project. We would need to be quick, so your investor can experience the uplift and global exposure we have pending.

For further information, please contact Mike Butterworth Esq., Director for next stage engagement.